New Slide 001 Sahadat Russell Indipendent Film Maker & Writer
Sahadat Russell

Sahadat Russell, Independent film maker & Writer from Bangladesh. His Writing & films are primarily focused on different dimensions of social crisis related to human rights issues. Some of his short films, such as 'Color of Childhood' is about radical Islam, 'Face to Face' portrays male dominance in Asian countries, 'Definition of Politics' is regarding the unethical political environment around us and the short film 'The River' depicts the destructive impact of war on human lives. He has published four books of poetry, short stories and children's literature. He won the 'Non-Communal Bengali Medal' at the Washington DC Book Fair for his children's literature. 'Color of Childhood' and 'Definition of Politics' have won 16 international film awards in countries like the USA, India and Bangladesh.

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